July 26, 2022


【7月26日 宮内そうこ出張お茶会の依頼☕️🌸】

【7月26日 宮内そうこ出張お茶会の依頼】こんにちはいつもお読みくださりありがとうございます。つい先日、外国人の方から「宮内そうこ出張お茶会」への依頼がありました。(一部掲載)Toda school system has chosen to focus only on ineffective Coronavirus prevention measures that I believe, have done more harm than good. We have children who refuse to remove their masks in extreme summer heat, who are scared to take their masks off even for a moment. (中略)Children have had their school trips canceled or postponed, are not allowed to talk and interact with friends during lunchtime, have not been allowed to play on the school equipment, not allowed to talk without a mask on, have been told that the simple and human act of talking is dangerous, and this is all in the name of ‘virus prevention measures.’ (中略)As you have experience living overseas, you should be aware that the rest of the world has moved on from

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